5 Things to Know about Pain Cave


!!! PAIN CAVE is NOT CrossFit ….. I Repeat PAIN CAVE is NOT CrossFit!!!

Before I get in to the 5 things that everyone needs to know about Pain Cave, I would like to talk about what Pain Cave is. Pain Cave is a state of mind, during my years cycling and training cyclist’s we used the term Pain Cave on a daily basis. Pain Cave is a place in your mind where you go when the effort seems like more than your body can handle. Pain Cave is the place where you learn that your body is athletic, beautiful, powerful, strong, durable, and most importantly stronger than your mind! Pain Cave is a blend of running, riding, rowing, along with strength movements. Pain Cave is your opportunity to drown out your inner voice and let your body talk.

5 Things To Know About Pain Cave

  1. Pain Cave, is for EVERYONE! Your current fitness level does not matter!
  2. Pain Cave, is SCALABLE, meaning you work at your level. This is why every Pain Cave class has a highly skilled Coach to guide you through each class.
  3. Pain Cave, Coaches are the best in the fitness industry! Our Pain Cave coaches have been trained in many different training modalities giving them the ability to give each and every Pain Caver the best experience possible.
  4. Pain Cave, will test your STRENGTH, your ENDURANCE, your CARDIO,  and mostly your WILL! Your WILL to commit to YOU!
  5. Pain Cave, is FUNFRIENDLYSUPPORTIVE, and it will Change Your Life!