• Being FIT feels good!

    CrossFit South Lamar is on a mission to build a community of healthier and happier human beings.
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  • Strong is the New Skinny

    CrossFit is not where women come to bulk up. It's where they come to discover strength. Hear it directly from veteran women CrossFitter's.
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  • Lets Change together…

    If you are looking for CHANGE you came to the right box. Our goal is to guide you to and through the CHANGES you are looking for.
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  • What CrossFit South Lamar Has To Offer

    • CrossFit

      Known as the "Workout of the Day" or "WOD," these workouts use a combination of weight lifting, gymnastics, and cardio...

    • Pain Cave

      A fitness program that combines strength training and power-based cycling to help you reach what we call Totalis Corpus...

    • Strength

      If the Daily WOD's have revealed that you need more muscle than you have, Strength is where you go to find it...

    • Yoga

      Let's face it - you don't stretch. And we know it. So don't think ten minutes after class is going to make up for years of …

    • Endurance

      This program is not for everyone. Designed to maximize you & elevate your fitness...

    • Personal Training

      Our coaches are always available outside of class to work one on one with our athletes.

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